Boxes of 3 botanicals

Gin&Tonic London Dry 3 Botanical Box

The new TOQUE botanical boxes are the best way to dress the most popular types of gin and are designed to a perfect complement for the homemade Gin & Tonic.Perfect combination of botanicals for London Dry Gin:- Cardamom- Cinnamon Cassia- Juniper berriesNet Weight: 54g
Boxes of 3 botanicals

Gin&Tonic Pink 3 Botanicals Box

The new TOQUE botanical boxes are the best way to dress the most popular types of gin and are designed to a perfect complement for the homemade Gin & Tonic.Perfect combination of botanicals for Pink Gin:- Mini roses- Strawberries- BlackberriesWeight Case: 13g
Premium Spices

Star Anise - Premium Spices

It combines perfectly with beef, chicken and grilled fish. In Chinese cuisine it is used with poultry. Due to its intense anise flavor, it is a perfect dressing for tea, coffee and liquors.Net Weight: 18g
Premium Spices

Garam Masala - Premium Spices

Mix of common spices from India, Pakistan and South Asia. It can be used alone or with other condiments. Perfect for seasoning meats, soups, stews and vegetables.Net Weight: 41g
Premium Spices

Nutmeg - Premium Spices

Its use is very widespread for cooking vegetables, eggs, sauces, stews, creams, fish and cheese. In pastry combines very well with fruit punches, chocolate pudding and biscuits.Net Weight: 54g
Premium Spices

Turmeric - Premium Spices

It brings color and flavor to the dishes. Used in sauces and meat stews, it is also widely used in Arabic cuisine in recipes such as Couscous or Chicken Tagine. Due to its sweet and slightly spicy flavour, it is a perfect substitute for mustard.Net Weight: 50g
Premium Spices

Cassia Cinnamon - Premium Spices

Very used in confectionery for all kinds of cakes, cookies, custards and rice pudding. Currently, its use is being extended to cocktails due to its organoleptic characteristics.Net Weight: 31g
Case Selection Gin&Tonic 10 Case Selection Gin&Tonic 10 2
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Case Selection Gin&Tonic 10

If surprising your friends after dinner isn’t enough for you, pass on your passion and reward them with our premium cases. What can beat the creation of cocktails that are worth celebrating? Size: 19x32,5x9 cm.Contains: Juniper Berries (21g), Cardamom (19g), Hibiscus Flower (6g), Rose Pepper (18g), Cubeb Pepper (21g), kumquat (16g), Star Anise...
Premium Spices

Curry - Premium Spices

It is a perfect condiment for many recipes since it brings flavor and color. It is especially suitable for rice, eggs, seafood, soups, sauces, meat and poultry.Net Weight: 46g
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Ginger - Premium Spices

Ideal for stews of meat, stews of chicken, fish, rice, vegetables and soups. In confectionery it is used with cooked fruits, cookies, biscuits, cakes and special breads.Net Weight: 31g
Herramientas Coctelería Herramientas Coctelería 2
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Mixology tools

Mixology Tools

Contains: Twisted spoon, citrus zester, jigger, infuser, precision tongs and botanical cards with all necessary information. 
Premium Spices

Clove - Premium Spices

A perfect combination for vegetables, sauces and stews of meat or fish. It is also ideal for seasoning fruits, cakes and pies.Net Weight: 29g
Seasonings for sangria

Spanish Sangria Garnish

Fruits and botanicals necessary to give a creative touch to your sangria. The secret of perfect Spanish sangria.
Citrus Mix Crystal Jar Citrus Mix Crystal Jar 2
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Gift Packs and Products

Citrus Mix Crystal Jar

Contents 110g // 30-35 slices of of Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Bergamot and Lime.  Contributes: the characteristics of each of the citruses contained in this mix can be consulted in their respective section. Combines with: since it contains several citruses, the combination with spirits, infusions or foods is very extensive. It is recommended to...

Toque Morocco

Give a Moroccan touch to your meals by grinding on top of grilled vegeta- bles, lamb chops, couscous, soups... treat yourself like a PACHÁ!! Contains: 40g

Toque India

Give an Indian touch to your meals by grinding on top of rice, soups, chicken, baked potatoes... Reach a gastronomic NIRVANA! Contains: 40g
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