Toque's World Cuisine Essentials Pack
Toque's World Cuisine Essentials Pack
Toque's World Cuisine Essentials Pack
Toque's World Cuisine Essentials Pack

Toque's World Cuisine Essentials Pack

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Description: Get ready for a culinary journey without leaving home with the Toque World Cuisine Essentials Pack! This pack offers you a carefully curated selection of authentic seasonings from different culinary cultures, allowing you to experience a true explosion of international flavors in your dishes.

Contents: Pink salt grinder, Tex-Mex, Peru, Morocco, Thai, Argentina.


Features of the included products:

Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder: Add a touch of elegance to your dishes with Toque's Himalayan Pink Salt. Extracted from the world's highest mountains, this natural salt contains minerals and imparts a delicate flavor to your culinary creations. With its built-in grinder, you can enjoy freshness and the perfect texture with every use.

Toque Tex-Mex: Bring authentic Tex-Mex cuisine to your kitchen with Toque's Tex-Mex seasoning. This spice blend combines chilies, cumin, paprika, and other vibrant flavors to create a spicy and smoky flavor explosion. Use it to bring to life your tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and stews with the distinctive touch of Southwestern American and Mexican cuisine.

Toque Peru: Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant Peruvian cuisine with Toque's Peru seasoning. This spice blend will transport you to the streets of Lima with its unique combination of aji amarillo, cilantro, cumin, and other traditional ingredients. Use it to enhance the flavor of iconic dishes like ceviche, lomo saltado, and ají de gallina.

Toque Morocco: Discover the exotic flavors of Morocco with Toque's Morocco seasoning. This spice blend combines the warm aroma of cumin, cinnamon, ginger, and other traditional spices to create a unique culinary experience. Use it to season tagines, couscous, Moroccan couscous, and other North African cuisine delights.

Toque Thai: Embark on a journey to Thailand with Toque's Thai seasoning. This authentic spice blend will allow you to recreate the spicy and aromatic flavors of Thai cuisine in your own preparations. Add a touch of lemongrass, galangal, chilies, and fresh herbs to your curries, noodles, and seafood dishes for a truly Thai experience.

Toque Argentina: Enjoy the intense and robust flavors of Argentine cuisine with Toque's Argentina seasoning. This spice blend will allow you to recreate the passion of Argentine barbecues on your own grills. With ingredients like bell pepper, garlic, thyme, and oregano, you can season your cuts of meat for an authentic and delicious taste.

With Toque's World Cuisine Essentials Pack, the culinary world is at your feet! Explore exotic flavors, surprise your loved ones, and elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level. Don't miss the opportunity to experience global cuisine in the comfort of your home. Dare to taste the world on your plate with Toque!

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