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Pack Coctelería Work Station Pack Coctelería Work Station 2
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Work Station

Pack Coctelería Work Station

Contains: Black & White exhibitor 8 botanical cubes methacrylate Selection botanicals for mixology: Juniper berries (63g.) Cardamom (56g.) Hibiscus flower (24g.)  Allspice (65g.)        Mallow Flower (5g.) Ginger (41g.) Orange blossom (17g.) Giant Coffee (58g.)
Herramientas Coctelería Herramientas Coctelería 2
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Mixology tools

Mixology Tools

Contains: Twisted spoon, citrus zester, jigger, infuser, precision tongs and botanical cards with all necessary information. 
Dispenser Jar Sangria Dispenser Jar Sangria 2
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Sangria Kit

Sangria Kit

The secret of Spanish sangria: the perfect kit for your events and parties. Get your delicious and 100% natural sangria ready in 3 minutes.
The Genuine Gin&Tonic Book The Genuine Gin&Tonic Book 2
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Gift Packs and Products

The Genuine Gin&Tonic Book

An exclusive design case that includes a jigger, a braided spoon, eight botanicals and a booklet with information on the history of gin and tonic, its perfect serve and tips on how to use the botanicals to give a creative and differential touch to your gin and tonics.
Case Selection Gin&Tonic 10 Case Selection Gin&Tonic 10 2
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Case Selection Gin&Tonic 10

If surprising your friends after dinner isn’t enough for you, pass on your passion and reward them with our premium cases. What can beat the creation of cocktails that are worth celebrating? Size: 19x32,5x9 cm.Contains: Juniper Berries (21g), Cardamom (19g), Hibiscus Flower (6g), Rose Pepper (18g), Cubeb Pepper (21g), kumquat (16g), Star Anise...
Citrus Mix Crystal Jar Citrus Mix Crystal Jar 2
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Gift Packs and Products

Citrus Mix Crystal Jar

Contents 110g // 30-35 slices of of Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Bergamot and Lime.  Contributes: the characteristics of each of the citruses contained in this mix can be consulted in their respective section. Combines with: since it contains several citruses, the combination with spirits, infusions or foods is very extensive. It is recommended to...
Kit pizza Kit pizza 2
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Gift Packs and Products

Kit pizza

Gift Packs and Products

Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack

Description: Immerse yourself in the rich culinary tradition of Spain with Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack. This comprehensive set of seasonings will transport you to the authentic and captivating flavors of Spanish cuisine. From the smoky touch of paprika to the exquisite saffron and Himalayan black salt, this pack is the perfect ally to create...
Gift Packs and Products

Toque's World Cuisine Essentials Pack

Description: Get ready for a culinary journey without leaving home with the Toque World Cuisine Essentials Pack! This pack offers you a carefully curated selection of authentic seasonings from different culinary cultures, allowing you to experience a true explosion of international flavors in your dishes. Contents: Pink salt grinder, Tex-Mex, Peru,...
Pack Coffee Time Pack Coffee Time 2
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DESCRIPTION: Coffee Time Pack: Cinnamon, Cocoa, Cardamom, and Jamaican Pepper Seasoning + Frother + Granell Coffee in a unique collaboration. Flavor, aroma, and elegance in every cup!
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