Hibiscum Flower

Dry hibiscus flowers, a plant with beautiful flowers that comes from america and africa, where it is said to have both aphrodisiac and magical powers.Contains: 24g of hibiscum flower Contribution: Intense floral aroma and a rosy colour that enhances when you infuse the spice in alcohol. Combines with: Any type of gin. Also give it a shot with vodka...

Star Anise

The fruit from the illicium verum tree, a perennial tree from the southeast of china. The fruits are collected before they ripen and are left to dry in the sun. Contains: 31g of star anise Contribuition: The fruit’s pleasant and unique scent of anise stands out more than anything. Combines with: Gins that have been distilled with this botanical such...

Juniper Berries

The juniper berry comes from the cold parts of europe, asia and north america.Contains: 63g of juniper berries Contribution: This berry has a somewhat bitter flavour with a citric and sweet hint. Combines with: Any gin brand since juniper berries are the main ingredient in gin. You can add it to enhance the actual gin flavour. How to use: Directly in...

Cassia Cinnamon

The bark from the evergreen tree that originates from southern china and indochina, that is why it’s also called chinese cinnamon.Contains: 63g of cassia cinnamon Contribution: Similar to regular cinnamon, but with a less sweet and more spiced aroma, and with a little spicy touch to it. Combines with: Gins such as: G’Vine, Bulldog, Citadelle, and...


A spice that originally comes from the south of india and sri lanka. Nowadays, it’s also cultivated in guatemala –the world’s main exporter -, in nepal, thailand and central america.Contains: 56g of cardamom Contribution: Provides a very unique exotic aroma and a flavour that is somewhere between sweet and spicy. Combines with: Dry or spiced gins such...


This spice comes from the tree called pimenta dioica that originally comes from the southern parts of mexico, guatemala, cuba and jamaica. It is not a real pepper.Contains: 65g of allspice Contribution: this aromatic spice is a surprise among all the other spices. It offers a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, with a touch of juniper and pepper. That’s...

Persian Roses

Dry roses.Contains: 20g of Persian roses Contribution: adds the unmistakable rose fragrance to our drinks and works as a very beautiful, elegant and aromatic decoration.Combines with: floral gins: hendrick’s, pink 47, plymouth, g’vine florainson, and tann’s. Very well recommended for smooth vodkas or tequila. How to use: you can use them infused, but...
Boxes of 3 botanicals

Gin&Tonic London Dry 3 Botanical Box

The new TOQUE botanical boxes are the best way to dress the most popular types of gin and are designed to a perfect complement for the homemade Gin & Tonic.Perfect combination of botanicals for London Dry Gin:- Cardamom- Cinnamon Cassia- Juniper berriesNet Weight: 54g
Boxes of 3 botanicals

Gin&Tonic Pink 3 Botanicals Box

The new TOQUE botanical boxes are the best way to dress the most popular types of gin and are designed to a perfect complement for the homemade Gin & Tonic.Perfect combination of botanicals for Pink Gin:- Mini roses- Strawberries- BlackberriesWeight Case: 13g
Herramientas Coctelería Herramientas Coctelería 2
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Mixology tools

Mixology Tools

Contains: Twisted spoon, citrus zester, jigger, infuser, precision tongs and botanical cards with all necessary information. 
Citrus Mix Crystal Jar Citrus Mix Crystal Jar 2
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Gift Packs and Products

Citrus Mix Crystal Jar

Contents 110g // 30-35 slices of of Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Bergamot and Lime.  Contributes: the characteristics of each of the citruses contained in this mix can be consulted in their respective section. Combines with: since it contains several citruses, the combination with spirits, infusions or foods is very extensive. It is recommended to...
Seasonings for sangria

Spanish Sangria Garnish

Fruits and botanicals necessary to give a creative touch to your sangria. The secret of perfect Spanish sangria.
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