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Boxes of 3 botanicals

Gin&Tonic London Dry 3 Botanical Box

The new TOQUE botanical boxes are the best way to dress the most popular types of gin and are designed to a perfect complement for the homemade Gin & Tonic.Perfect combination of botanicals for London Dry Gin:- Cardamom- Cinnamon Cassia- Juniper berriesNet Weight: 54g
Boxes of 3 botanicals

Gin&Tonic Pink 3 Botanicals Box

The new TOQUE botanical boxes are the best way to dress the most popular types of gin and are designed to a perfect complement for the homemade Gin & Tonic.Perfect combination of botanicals for Pink Gin:- Mini roses- Strawberries- BlackberriesWeight Case: 13g
Infusions for Gin&Tonic

CITRUS Infusion Gin&Tonic

Infusions for cocktails: Careful selection of botanicals and citrus in pyramid teabags to give flavor and aroma to your gin&tonic in the cleanest and simplest way.
Dispenser Jar Sangria Dispenser Jar Sangria 2
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Sangria Kit

Sangria Kit

The secret of Spanish sangria: the perfect kit for your events and parties. Get your delicious and 100% natural sangria ready in 3 minutes.
Infusions for Gin&Tonic

SPICED Infusion Gin&Tonic

Infusions for cocktails: Careful selection of botanicals in pyramid teabags to give flavor and aroma to your gin&tonic in the cleanest and simplest way.
Seasonings for sangria

Spanish Sangria Garnish

Fruits and botanicals necessary to give a creative touch to your sangria. The secret of perfect Spanish sangria.

Blood Orange - bag

Contents: 85g // 30-35 slices Contributes: toasted, sweet and pleasant notes with a hint of caramel. The red streaks are its most characteristic note. Combines with: it is edible and provides citrus, bitter sweet notes. Ideal for combining with any rum, Cuba libre, gin and tonic or mojito. Directions for use: directly in the drink. Picking season:...

Hibiscum Flower

Dry hibiscus flowers, a plant with beautiful flowers that comes from america and africa, where it is said to have both aphrodisiac and magical powers.Contains: 24g of hibiscum flower Contribution: Intense floral aroma and a rosy colour that enhances when you infuse the spice in alcohol. Combines with: Any type of gin. Also give it a shot with vodka...

Star Anise

The fruit from the illicium verum tree, a perennial tree from the southeast of china. The fruits are collected before they ripen and are left to dry in the sun. Contains: 31g of star anise Contribuition: The fruit’s pleasant and unique scent of anise stands out more than anything. Combines with: Gins that have been distilled with this botanical such...

Juniper Berries

The juniper berry comes from the cold parts of europe, asia and north america.Contains: 63g of juniper berries Contribution: This berry has a somewhat bitter flavour with a citric and sweet hint. Combines with: Any gin brand since juniper berries are the main ingredient in gin. You can add it to enhance the actual gin flavour. How to use: Directly in...

Cassia Cinnamon

The bark from the evergreen tree that originates from southern china and indochina, that is why it’s also called chinese cinnamon.Contains: 63g of cassia cinnamon Contribution: Similar to regular cinnamon, but with a less sweet and more spiced aroma, and with a little spicy touch to it. Combines with: Gins such as: G’Vine, Bulldog, Citadelle, and...


A spice that originally comes from the south of india and sri lanka. Nowadays, it’s also cultivated in guatemala –the world’s main exporter -, in nepal, thailand and central america.Contains: 56g of cardamom Contribution: Provides a very unique exotic aroma and a flavour that is somewhere between sweet and spicy. Combines with: Dry or spiced gins such...


This spice comes from the tree called pimenta dioica that originally comes from the southern parts of mexico, guatemala, cuba and jamaica. It is not a real pepper.Contains: 65g of allspice Contribution: this aromatic spice is a surprise among all the other spices. It offers a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, with a touch of juniper and pepper. That’s...

Persian Roses

Dry roses.Contains: 20g of Persian roses Contribution: adds the unmistakable rose fragrance to our drinks and works as a very beautiful, elegant and aromatic decoration.Combines with: floral gins: hendrick’s, pink 47, plymouth, g’vine florainson, and tann’s. Very well recommended for smooth vodkas or tequila. How to use: you can use them infused, but...
Herramientas Coctelería Herramientas Coctelería 2
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Mixology tools

Mixology Tools

Contains: Twisted spoon, citrus zester, jigger, infuser, precision tongs and botanical cards with all necessary information. 
Citrus Mix Crystal Jar Citrus Mix Crystal Jar 2
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Gift Packs and Products

Citrus Mix Crystal Jar

Contents 110g // 30-35 slices of of Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Bergamot and Lime.  Contributes: the characteristics of each of the citruses contained in this mix can be consulted in their respective section. Combines with: since it contains several citruses, the combination with spirits, infusions or foods is very extensive. It is recommended to...

Lime - bag

Contents: 75g // 40-45 slices. Contributes: preserves its acidic citrus notes that are also somewhat spiced with the aroma from barrel spices. Combines with: as a final decoration in any combination of rum, coke or tiki. Ideal for finishing off a mojito. Directions for use: directly in the drink. Picking season: October to December.

Kumquat - bag

Contents: 75g. Contributes: a piece of Kumquat provides a sweet, pleasant touch to your drink. Combines with: the peel of this citrus combines perfectly with any gin, rum, vodka or vermouth. Directions for use: add one or two pieces to complete the drink and let it rehydrate slowly. Once rehydrated, they are fully edible. Picking season: depends on...

Bergamot - bag

Contents: 85g // 25-30 slices. Contributes: floral, fresh and citrus aromas with a mix of lemon, lime and grapefruit. It is a highly perfumed citrus. Combines with: due to its intense aroma, it is perfect for slightly citrus gin and vodka combinations. Ideal for any floral cocktail. Directions for use: directly in the drink. One slice of bergamot is...

Pink Grapefruit - bag

Contents: 90g // 25-30 slices Contributes: clean, slightly bitter impression with a slight bite. Combines with: highly recommended for drinks where you want to accentuate the bitter and acidic citrus touch, such as those made with gin as a base (Tanqueray 10, Beefeater 24, Bloom) and vodka. It can also be consumed directly with tonic or ginger ale....
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