Toque Sugar & Chocolate

One of our best sweet grinders, this proposal is perfect to give a touch of distinction to your smoothies, yogurts, coffees, teas and whatever the imagination suggests you.Contains: 61g

Toque Sugar & Cinnamon

A perfect combination for your cocktails, desserts, coffees and teas destined to conquer the most demanding palates.Contains: 63g

Toque Sugar & Vanilla

Get now this indispensable in the range of sweet grinders we have created for you. An unrefusable pairing for your fruit salads, coffees and teas.
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At Toque, we have a soft spot for life’s sweeter moments, which is why we’ve created a range of spice mills to match. Ideal for seasoning smoothies, desserts, yoghurt, coffee, tea or any type of creation your imagination can conjure. Discover them all!

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