Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack
Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack
Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack
Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack

Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack

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Description: Immerse yourself in the rich culinary tradition of Spain with Toque's Spanish Cuisine Essentials Pack. This comprehensive set of seasonings will transport you to the authentic and captivating flavors of Spanish cuisine. From the smoky touch of paprika to the exquisite saffron and Himalayan black salt, this pack is the perfect ally to create unforgettable Spanish dishes.

Contents: Sweet, spicy, and smoked paprika, 1g saffron jar, saffron-infused salt, and black salt.


Features of the included products:

Sweet Paprika: Discover the smooth and sweet flavor of Toque's Sweet Paprika. Made with selected peppers, this seasoning is an essential ingredient in many Spanish recipes, such as the famous chorizo and patatas bravas. Add a touch of color and a subtle smoky flavor to your dishes with this premium-quality paprika.

Spicy Paprika: If you're looking for a spicy kick in your dishes, Toque's Spicy Paprika is perfect for you. With its intense and fiery flavor, this seasoning will bring your stews, sauces, and rice dishes to life. Try it in an authentic Spanish paella and enjoy a feast of flavors!

Smoked Paprika: Immerse yourself in the aroma and flavor of Toque's Smoked Paprika. The smoking process gives this seasoning a unique character and unparalleled depth of flavor. Use it to add a special touch to your grilled meats, marinades, and hearty dishes. Experience the magic of smokiness in every bite!

Saffron Jar: Saffron is the red gold of Spanish cuisine, and our Toque Saffron Jar contains the pure essence of this precious spice. With its intense aroma and vibrant color, saffron adds a touch of luxury to your dishes. From paella to desserts, this saffron jar is the perfect finishing touch to highlight the authenticity of your recipes.

Saffron-Infused Salt: Combine the essence of saffron with the purity of salt in our Toque Saffron-Infused Salt Grinder. This seasoning blends Himalayan salt crystals with saffron threads to create a perfect balance of flavors. It's ideal for enhancing the taste of dishes like fish, seafood, and salads, adding a touch of sophistication to every bite.

Himalayan Black Salt: Discover the uniqueness of Toque's Himalayan Black Salt. This unique volcanic salt, rich in minerals, is extracted from the Himalayan mountains and imparts an intense and slightly sulfurous flavor to your dishes. Use it to season eggs, roasted vegetables, or simply as a finishing touch in your culinary creations.

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