Seasonings for sangria

Spanish Sangria Garnish

Fruits and botanicals necessary to give a creative touch to your sangria. The secret of perfect Spanish sangria.
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Case Selection Gin&Tonic 10

If surprising your friends after dinner isn’t enough for you, pass on your passion and reward them with our premium cases. What can beat the creation of cocktails that are worth celebrating? Size: 19x32,5x9 cm.Contains: Juniper Berries (21g), Cardamom (19g), Hibiscus Flower (6g), Rose Pepper (18g), Cubeb Pepper (21g), kumquat (16g), Star Anise...

Toque Morocco

Give a Moroccan touch to your meals by grinding on top of grilled vegeta- bles, lamb chops, couscous, soups... treat yourself like a PACHÁ!! Contains: 40g

Toque Tex-Mex

Give a Tex-Mex touch to your meals by grinding on top of burgers, guacamole, fajitas, salads, potatoes, grilled meats... ANDALE AMIGO! Contains: 40g

Toque Caribe

Give a Caribbean touch to your meals by grinding on top of white rice, sh, salads... And be prepared to dance some SALSA! Contains: 43g

Toque India

Give an Indian touch to your meals by grinding on top of rice, soups, chicken, baked potatoes... Reach a gastronomic NIRVANA! Contains: 40g
Salt and Pepper

Toque Pepper

Top quality peppercorns of different colors that enhance the flavor of all your meals. You will not use any other pepper after trying this special TOUCH! Contains: 45g
Salt and Pepper

Toque Pink Salt

Toque :: Store
Use it instead of salt. Pink salt is collected from ancient salt deposits under Himalayan mountains. It is recognized worldwide for its color and its high mineral content. Contains: 105g
Salt and Pepper

Toque Salt & Herbs

Rocks of sea salt blended with a selection of herbs that enhance the avor of all your meals. You will not use other salt after trying this special TOUCH!  Contains: 78g
Salt and Pepper

Toque Salt & Algae

Enhances the flavor of all your dishes with an authentic and delicious oceanic touch. Taste it on a Raf tomato salad with olive oil, on your fish, seafood or wherever the inspiration takes you. 
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