Cubo :: Semillas de Cacao
Cubo :: Semillas de Cacao
Cubo :: Semillas de Cacao
Cubo :: Semillas de Cacao

Cocoa Seed

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Authentic raw cocoa bean.

Contains: 87g of cocoa seed

Contribution: both the shell and the bean give a faint touch of chocolate to our drink, without adding sugar or syrup. A pure and bitter cocoa with a unique character.

Combines with: seagram’s and sweet rums. Works well with any type of rum (it’s ideal for cuba libre) or even with vodka.

How to use: grate some of the bean over the cocktail and then put the remaining part of it in the glass. Normally the scent is in the shell and the flavour in the bean, so depending on the effect we are looking for, we should use one part or another. Take out the bean after approximately 10 minutes of maceration.


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